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Video: Latex Angel Using a Huge Dildo

Posted in Busty, Fetish  by Catalina Cruz

Latex Angel Rides a HUGE black dildo

I can’t get enough of these great videos of Latex Angel driving home a massive black rubber cock. Everything comes together in these videos to really demonstrate what Latex Angel is all about; extreme everything.

She’s wearing an extreme black latex with white piping from head to toe with only her twat exposed. She has on extreme slutty spike heels that not only look sexy but help to give her the leverage necessary to take all of the massive toy.

And finally the toy itself, so big that the mere sight would cause most women to run in horror. Not Latex Angel though, the only thing running when she sees this big black rubber cock are her pussy juices. And she wastes no time squatting over it and driving it deep into her waiting pussy.

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